Strategic Leadership Team

Mrs C Rindl          Headteacher
Mrs K Walker       Deputy Headteacher
Mrs M Hall           Deputy Headteacher

Inclusion Manager/Year 4 Teacher

Mrs J Brettle

Middle Leadership Team

Miss R Wood        Phase Leader Foundation stage
Mr K Levack         Phase Leader Years 3/4
Mrs G Anderton    Phase Leader Years 5/6
Miss P Shackall    Lead Teacher English
Mrs M Jassal       Lead Teacher Maths

Phase 1  Foundation Stage

Time For Twos

Miss C Swann
Mrs S Harper
Miss A Hill
Mr L Penn
Miss J Harris


Miss R Stringer
Mrs W Harper
Miss V Whitcombe
Mrs L Payton
Miss L Mason
Miss K Richards


Miss K Billingsley
Miss R Wood
Miss N Blake
Mrs K Southall
Mrs N Jukes
Mrs K Atkins

Phase 2

Year 1

Mr D Purcell
Miss G Fellows
Mr J Cooke
Mrs L Reynolds
Mrs L Bridgeman
Mrs P Walker

Year 2

Mrs D Wood
Mrs S Jarvis
Miss R Lonsdale
Mrs R Dhillion
Mrs A Evans
Miss L Fletcher

Phase 3

Year 3

Mr M Braiden
Miss L Jackson
Miss L Roper
Mrs H Elwell
Mrs S Thomas

Year 4

Mr K Levack
Mr I McLagan
Mrs R Pedley
Mrs N Hill
Mrs L Willetts

Phase 4

Year 5

Mrs M Jassal
Mrs C Duffield
Mrs H Swatman
Miss T Donet
Mrs L Potts

Year 6

Mrs G Anderton
Miss P Shackell
Mrs L Harper
Mrs R Dhamret
Mrs K Best

Inclusion Team

Mrs D Davis
Mrs S Farmer
Miss J Higginson
Mrs H Masson
Mrs D Taylor
Miss C Lissimore
Miss H Farmer

Office Staff

Mrs L Perkins – School Business Manager
Mrs J Pearman – Financial Officer
Mrs P Jones – General Assistant
Mrs C Halford – Receptionist
Mrs K Savage – Attendance Assistant
Mr D McCurdy – ICT

Site Team

Mr Dutton – Site Manager
Mr Hopson – Site Support

Site Team – Cleaning

Mrs J Rowe
Mrs T Beddows
Mrs L Knott
Mrs L James
Miss M Woodall

Catering Team

Mrs C Beards – Head Cook
Miss R Edmunds
Mrs A Allsopp
Mrs J Nicholls
Mrs N Wilkes

Lunchtime Cover Staff

Mrs G Morton
Mrs S Webb
Mrs D Matthews
Mrs M Brackenridge
Mrs P Fellows
Mrs K Atkinson
Mrs J Lowke
Miss C Devlin
Miss M Woodall
Mrs L James
Mrs R Tope
Mrs C Moreton
Mrs G Ranghawa
Mrs L Sutton
Mrs M Sellick
Miss N Powell


A Register of Business Interest for staff and governors has been completed and is held on site. A copy may be obtained from the School Business Manager upon request.