School Meals

All school meals are served on a set meal basis, with a choice of:

One hot main course, including a vegetarian option, with either a hot or cold dessert.
A jacket potato, with a choice of fillings, accompanied by a cold dessert.
A flavoured chicken wrap, with a choice of hot or cold dessert.

Special meals can be made available for any child who has specific dietary requirements.
All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two receive a daily free lunch and we like to encourage every child to take up this option. In addition to the meal and not part of the scheme the school will provide your child with a free carton of juice on a daily basis as well as water being available on tables. There will be no need for your child to bring money into school for lunches.

Children in Years Three, Four, Five and Six– If children purchase a school lunch every day of the week, the cost for the week will be £11.00. This means that the children will be getting their juice for free as the price set by Dudley for the meal is £2.30 per day not including a drink. If children wish to stay on certain days only, the cost per day will be £2.30 and will include a carton of juice.

All meals will come with a carton of juice, there will not be the opportunity to purchase additional drinks but water will be available on the dining tables.

The current system of free school meals for those eligible will continue as it currently operates. Advice about free meals may be obtained by telephoning 01384 818181 and asking for the Free School Meals Section. It is extremely important that parents who are entitled to it do apply, as it will benefit each pupil premium child in the resources that the school can provide.

Dinner money should be sent in to your child’s class in a named envelope or purse and not brought to the school office. The children will place a named envelope or purse in a money tin in their classroom on a Monday morning (or the first day that they are stopping for lunch that week). If children are taking lunch every day, we will need the £11.00 payment in full on Monday morning.

If children are staying on specific days we will need the correct money (£2.30) on that morning. Please ensure that all monies sent in to school are in a named envelope or purse as it will be sent to the office to be counted and marked off on the register. Please be aware that if you do not send in the correct money no change will be sent home. It will be carried forward on your child’s account.

Facilities are available for those children who wish to bring a packed lunch. Please send this in a suitable container which has your child’s name written on it. Cold drinks may also be brought from home, only in an unbreakable container. Canned and fizzy drinks are not allowed. A drink is always available as part of the normal daily practice.

There is a Senior Lunchtime Supervisor in charge of supervision and under her charge are an adequate number of supervisory assistants to help the smooth organisation of lunchtime arrangements.

A “Tuck Shop” provides snacks for Upper School children at morning break-time. They are able to buy healthy snacks, as well as there being a “Milk Bar” providing milk and milk shakes.

Advice about free meals may be obtained by telephoning 01384 818181 and asking for Free School Meals Section.

Healthy Eating

We are committed to being a Health Promoting School and are now providing healthy options for the children at break and lunchtime, The salt, fat and sugar content of foods are monitored by Dudley Catering Services and are within Nutritional Standards. Children are allowed to bring plain, still water into lessons, in a suitable plastic bottle.

School lunch menu