Your children were an absolute credit to you.  In the verbal feedback the team said they are ‘adorable’ and reported that the school feels “like a happy place”.  The Inspectors also stated that the children are flourishing as a result of the enriching creative approach to the curriculum and the wide range of opportunities provided for our pupils.

We are pleased that Inspectors felt that our governors’ effectiveness is very strong; they will be able to fully support the school to move forward.

Inspectors also confirmed our judgements of the fantastic start our children receive in Early Years and that personal development, behaviour and welfare is strong, along with safeguarding.

This report has given clear direction of areas in which we can improve more rapidly.  We were heartened to see that many aspects were already covered in our current School Development Plan.

Improvements have already been made, for example in the teaching of phonics.

We are continuing to support staff development at all levels where required, through rigorous monitoring, staff training, including visits to good and outstanding schools in order to adapt and improve our practice.

You will receive regular updates on our journey to keep you informed.  Staff and governors are confident that, together with your co-operation we can turn this around very quickly.

Ofsted Report

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“The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils conduct themselves well around school with little intervention. Pupils are well mannered, courteous and respectful to visitors and each other.”

Personal development and welfare

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good.”

“Staff have strong relationships with pupils and there is a caring atmosphere around the school. Pupils say they feel safe and enjoy coming to school.”

“Pupils have opportunities to take responsibility and contribute to the life of the school through roles such as the ‘pupil leadership team’ and ‘learning ambassadors’. Young leaders are articulate, confident and flourish in their roles.”


“Where teaching is most effective, teachers’ subject knowledge is strong and pupils are encouraged to identify where mistakes have been made and how these can be used to further learning. This results in better progress.”

“In some lessons, pupils are encouraged to work with a ‘buddy’ to edit and improve their written work. This results in pupils listening and responding well to each other and developing high levels of independence.”


“Governors are enthusiastic and ambitious for the success of the school. Governance is effective.”

“Leaders ensure that pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is enriched through a creative approach to the curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular activities.”

Early years provision

“Early years provision is good. Children are confident, behave well and develop strong relationships with each other and practitioners. As a result children settle quickly into the early years and are happy at school.”

Outcomes for pupils

“The schools current assessment information and inspection findings suggest that progress across the school, particularly in reading and writing, is showing some signs of improvement this year. However, the improvements are not always consistent.”

“Inspection activities indicate that additional provision for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is effective.”

In a recent assembly on ambition one pupil gave me the strapline:

“Queen Vic – too resilient to fail”