Homework Timetable

Homework is essential to help your child to continue there learning experience at home as well as in school. At Queen Vic we feel homework is important as it helps your child develop and fulfil there full potential. Below is the homework schedule for each year group.


Show and tell task which is usually creative or phonics work. Parents are notified in advance for each week of each half term.


Homework is given weekly, on a skill that is covered in the week.


Years 1-6

Please see Curriculum planning Autumn Term


Creative Homework

Each class will have a creative homework grid at the beginning of each term. This caters for different learning styles and is cross curricular. It aims to involve family and friends in your child’s learning. This promotes enjoyment, understanding and both application of learning skills and the development of new skills. It brings learning alive collaboratively and takes advantage of inter generational expertise.